taxi driver lessons

Cold Iron can cut hot iron but hot iron can not cut cold iron. I am not sure about the metallurgical accuracy of this statement made to me by a fresh looking autorickshaw driver in Bombay but it sounds logical. He made this comment in the course of an animated discussion we were having on why there is no point in road rage. He told me about how he was an angry young boy from Jaunpur and now he is a mellow middle aged man with a flat in Nallasopara on the outskirts of Bombay. Is there any merit in thinking that he has two autos and a flat in Bombay because he has controlled his anger. Probably. By the way his investment in that flat is a fairly good investment. He invested Rs. 1.4 lacs in 2009 which is now Rs. 2.4 lacs odd and commands a rental of Rs. 2000 a month. Thats 17% return pa. I am wondering why not buy five flats and etc…The road rage thing makes me wonder did we have this much of road rage when we had bullock carts running around on unpaved roads. Does the speed of macadamized roads lead to a desire for quick results and reduce tolerance to hindrances. Also what about research on how chemicals in the food chain make people hyperactive and etc. Research suggests that there is a link between organophospate pesticides (OP) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children. A 5-year study at the University of Wisconsin in Madison found that water contaminated with low levels of the common agricultural pesticides atrazine and aldicarb altered thyroid hormone levels in the bloodstreams of mice. Researchers found that ingesting various combinations of these chemicals (which are often found in water supplies in farming regions) caused increased aggression as a result.   Britain’s Global Environmental Change Programme found that lead, PCBs, biphenyls and radiation are harming the intelligence of people around the world. That’s a lot of research…But maybe we instinctively always knew it. The word leaden derived from lead also means Dull, heavy, or slow. So lead was always associated with low intelligence from hundreds of years. We just proved it scientifically now. We probably need to slow down, because mathematically a graph which goes up constantly will soon run out of paper, but cyclical forms will go up and come down but stay within the paper. So our desire for endless growth…will be addressed some other day….


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