qnet amway and the world of direct marketing

So I am sitting at costa coffee in the beautiful carter road waiting for an old friend to come. He is late and I am wondering why is he late. Since in all probability he is going to read this post its best to get off that topic. He made me wait 20 mins and I was sitting next to a bunch of qnetters. I won’t go into the merits and demerits of direct marketing. I am only surprised by the kind of people who get into selling qnet. A swiss watch, a holiday plan, a german titanium disc and etc. For the life of me I cannot understand how the head of a function of one of the biggest radio stations, groupM, standard chartered, citibank, intelenet, hutchison, kotak can devote part or whole of their lives into something like this. I mean amway at least sells things of general daily use. Here how do you explain selling a titanium isc which will take ur stress off. Its a giant ponzi scheme which has the veneer of legitimacy because after all you are selling products even if one of them happens to be a magic disc. So the guys who got in first are going to mint a lot of money and they do that by getting others hold the monkey. Each level then throws the monkey on the next, because the only way to make ur money is by making somebody else buy a watch or a disc. Its like the day trading on the stock market with the brokers making the big money an the retail investor getting lucky once in a while. Only here in the qnet party the guys who come later will get lesser and lesser chances of making money. But again how do you explain the group M smart guy who has quit his job to do this get rich quick thing. How do you explain senior bankers, technologists, accountants, marketing professionals with regular jobs or who have quit doing this with zeal. I doubt the big media house will like to know that their CXO is going around hawking titanium discs at Cafe Moshe’. I guess we are always trying to buck the system. We always want more, we are grasping, we have forgotten about contentment. But again that’s probably because we are a developing economy.

You should attend one of their crazy sessions where they tell you to get a hold of your destiny, run your company. Five crores pa after some years and it stays with you for 120 years. Anyway my friend came and we had a not so good time with me trying to eavesdrop. They didn’t order anything by the way for all the crores they have made. Probably the guy who has the costa coffee franchise is also a qnet guy and the more people get in the more he or she makes.

I think I was most pissed because a guy called Venkatesh who was ex Ernst & Young was being pitched and I was desperately hoping that he would bust their farce but he seemed to be taking it in. How can my ex colleague be that way.

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