Cant self help books be reduced to a few pages and bullets

Also: Countries with large populations will find their people being pushed back

TMM tools was the first client of the day. Sunday morning at Costa. The key problem a lot of  mid sized entrepreneurs face is lack of talent and therefore the hesitation in investing or starting up something. What would you think of a guy who has worked for Black & Decker in the Middle East, now in his late fifties wants to help a Rs. 30 crore company attain an all India presence?

As natives of the Middle East increase in numbers they realize that they need to find work for the upcoming generation. Work which currently is being done by Indians [among others] and so they are going to be squeezed out. How useful will these returning Indians be?
They have worked in a relatively constraint free environment [abundant petro dollars, large scale etc] and therefore may not know how to deal with a relatively much more constrained environment like ours. That said, the engineering resources in the Middle East must be gold standard if you go by the sheer size and complexity of many of their projects.

As I am writing this I am discovering that people like to have bullets, top x things, mnemonics, x things not to do, x ways, x tips and other such abbreviated stuff… If one were to think about it well, most books and blogs can ideally be reduced to a bulleted list with a couple of lines of explanation…Why do we need to write 300 page books. Do we expect people to then get off the book and distill whatever they accepted into a few ways that will impact their life. I dont think so. When we studied at school, we were made to answer questions at the end of every chapter which may not be more than 5 pages. So that at the end of a year, we know what we learnt….Funnily enough we read much more than what we read when we were in school and very little of it is retained. Conversely if just a few bullets were to be retained then why have so many pages….Lets save trees and print 10 page self help and self improvement books. We just like reading stuff…,like I am writing stuff…..


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