The Immigrant Soldiers Dying for Israel in Gaza

So….young people from Europe and US come on a free 10 day trip , of which some people become soldiers for a stipend….and they are called Lone Soldiers…..what a nice way to get somebody to die for you….and keep up this senseless conflict…the others who didnt become soldiers….probably go back and ensure Israel survives through money or support….so about 400,000 have made the trip so far and this article says there are about 5000 such a low percentage even if one assumes everybody came through the birthright program. But encouraging people to come from some other country and fight for you in the name of being Jewish is no different from Muslims from different parts of the world heading to join the ISIS. Only their website doesn’t look so good and they random kill..


Max Steinberg was from Los Angeles. Nissim Sean Carmeli was from South Padre Island, Texas. Jordan Bensemhoun came to Israel on his own from Lyon, France.

Each of the young men left his country of origin to join the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and each was killed in action this weekend in the Gaza Strip, where Israel is more than two weeks into Operation Protective Edge, a military campaign against the Palestinian militant group Hamas. That campaign incorporated a ground invasion as of Thursday night that Israeli leaders say is helping to destroy Hamas’ ability to fire rockets – some 2,160 of which have been fired toward Israel since the latest round of hostilities began July 7 – as well as a network of tunnels that burrow deep into Israeli territory, allowing militants to attack. However effective that strategy might be, it exposes Israel’s soldiers to a higher risk of…

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