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This should be a useful method….The Japanese and the Germans are two quite successful countries but their numbers are falling which means their economy, based on today’s knowledge of economics and other related sciences and arts, should start contracting and start declining. The same is true for England, parts of Scandinavia, America etc. However with the exception of Scandinavia, the other two might not really be very succesfful with the former using a lot of immigration anyway, so I have not got into it. So two questions, how do such smart people when behaving in a group or individually not know the impact of not having babies has on their economy. Maybe its the human race’s method of self control….as it is we are too many. The other question is if you have fewer people, whats the matter….You will earn less, because there are fewer people to make steel and cars. But then you are fewer people too. It sounds so simplistic that I must be making some big oversight…. t?sender=aZW1haWxnZW9yZ2VhbnRvbnlAZ21haWwuY29t&type=zerocontent&guid=ea671f8b-01ae-43af-94b3-90a4d7aef473


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