What the government of Gujarat is encouraging children to read is dismaying

Many years back when I used to work in Ernst & Young, we were having a discussion in which one of my esteemed colleagues made these wonderful observations. Before you read the observations, let me tell you a bit about the guy himself. He is an engineer, belongs to Haryana, of the trader community and an MBA from a good college in India. He liked to lead the good life, besides being moderately religious like most of us are. He would be at that time be around 30. He was married, and had stayed in both Bombay and Delhi besides his native mofussil city where he grew up. So thats his background. The group he was grandstanding was made up of similar people in terms of education, economic background etc. So he says in Ancient India we had ICBM’s which was referred to divya astra, we had aircraft which was how Hanuman got to get the mountain and such other stuff. The unique aspect of Hindu faith is that people are practical about their faith. Yes there is the Mahabharata and other mystic and mythical parts of Hinduism, but thats faith and does not take away our logical mind which accepts the theory of evolution, the Big bang theory and genetics. If one were to compare Americans who are practicing Christians with practicing Hindus then the big difference is this logic and faith which works together in the case of Hindus unlike in the case of the Americans. So you have some crazies in America who have weird views on evolution and abortion while Hindus dont have a problem reconciling their faith with modern science and logic. This is what I think despite my colleague in 2000 and guys like Batra continue to spout. How do you learn Maths and Physics and go to the hospital to get your cancer cured instead of asking for God and sanjeevani is beyond me. How do we manage to fabricate pasts for ourselves which we know to be false. The reality is that these kids will learn Geometry and biology and anthropology but they will choose to pursue xenophobic and intolerant views if they can afford to.


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