Indians and immigration

I heard Jorge Ramos on how the demographics would change and the Hispanics wont be a minority and most importantly ‘this nostalgic view of America won’t work’. Canada, America and West Europe are the parts of the world which should accommodate, not discriminate, while Asia, South America and Africa will not be friendly with immigrants at all….For instance in our own country there is no doubt in our mind that Bangladeshis are trying to get in and we should keep them out. Its not an emotive issue. Indians who talk about the immigrant unfriendly attitude of Trump are completely ok being immigrant unfriendly in India….for that matter even within India. anti south indians in the north which then changed to anti biharis….or non marathis in bombay…So while Trump is an ugly and probably dodgy kind of guy there are real reasons why he has a support base. The reality is that there is a bunch of white people who took over the place and started making this country…a lot of others from around the world were brought in, came in, sneaked in….and now they want to have some say in running the place…which the white people dont want to give away….and why would they….Imagine its 2180 and somehow this is a Hispanic privilege country or a Hispanic Asian privilege country….it would be tables turned…and the same way you see white people reacting you would see Hispanics and Asians being immigrant unfriendly….