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Name: 22/06/2013 07:28 Home Park Lawrence
Activity type: walking
Description: –
Total distance: 2.11 km (1.3 mi)
Total time: 26:23
Moving time: 24:53
Average speed: 4.79 km/h (3.0 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 5.08 km/h (3.2 mi/h)
Max speed: 12.16 km/h (7.6 mi/h)
Average pace: 12.54 min/km (20.2 min/mi)
Average moving pace: 11.82 min/km (19.0 min/mi)
Fastest pace: 4.93 min/km (7.9 min/mile)
Max elevation: 175 m (573 ft)
Min elevation: 150 m (493 ft)
Elevation gain: 31 m (102 ft)
Max grade: 0 %
Min grade: 0 %
Recorded: 22/06/2013 07:28


qnet amway and the world of direct marketing

So I am sitting at costa coffee in the beautiful carter road waiting for an old friend to come. He is late and I am wondering why is he late. Since in all probability he is going to read this post its best to get off that topic. He made me wait 20 mins and I was sitting next to a bunch of qnetters. I won’t go into the merits and demerits of direct marketing. I am only surprised by the kind of people who get into selling qnet. A swiss watch, a holiday plan, a german titanium disc and etc. For the life of me I cannot understand how the head of a function of one of the biggest radio stations, groupM, standard chartered, citibank, intelenet, hutchison, kotak can devote part or whole of their lives into something like this. I mean amway at least sells things of general daily use. Here how do you explain selling a titanium isc which will take ur stress off. Its a giant ponzi scheme which has the veneer of legitimacy because after all you are selling products even if one of them happens to be a magic disc. So the guys who got in first are going to mint a lot of money and they do that by getting others hold the monkey. Each level then throws the monkey on the next, because the only way to make ur money is by making somebody else buy a watch or a disc. Its like the day trading on the stock market with the brokers making the big money an the retail investor getting lucky once in a while. Only here in the qnet party the guys who come later will get lesser and lesser chances of making money. But again how do you explain the group M smart guy who has quit his job to do this get rich quick thing. How do you explain senior bankers, technologists, accountants, marketing professionals with regular jobs or who have quit doing this with zeal. I doubt the big media house will like to know that their CXO is going around hawking titanium discs at Cafe Moshe’. I guess we are always trying to buck the system. We always want more, we are grasping, we have forgotten about contentment. But again that’s probably because we are a developing economy.

You should attend one of their crazy sessions where they tell you to get a hold of your destiny, run your company. Five crores pa after some years and it stays with you for 120 years. Anyway my friend came and we had a not so good time with me trying to eavesdrop. They didn’t order anything by the way for all the crores they have made. Probably the guy who has the costa coffee franchise is also a qnet guy and the more people get in the more he or she makes.

I think I was most pissed because a guy called Venkatesh who was ex Ernst & Young was being pitched and I was desperately hoping that he would bust their farce but he seemed to be taking it in. How can my ex colleague be that way.

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Close correlation: Batsmen batting well and bad bowling

When a good batsman starts the good bowler will be at his best. The moment the batsman starts hitting him around, the bowling is expected to start getting off mark and if the batsman continues his rampage, then the bowlers variance to his normal bowling will be significantly higher. This can be further proven if bowling variance of the same bowler is checked with other batsmen. Bowling variance is the number and degree of wide balls or width given or inappropriate length. So the rich get richer is an adage that holds.

bengal sweets bengali market

I finished meeting an investment advisory firm owner-partner, where we agreed to work together. I felt good about it as I got up from the odd looking chairs in his conference room. Odd because the handles were abnormally wide apart. He said they were just made that way. I thought maybe he had very portly clients. As I walked down the stairs I remembered his intention to be a lone star firm, where there would be junior partners but mainly to execute, all the relationships would largely be his. I thought he would explain his stand which contrasts with modern day philosophy of democratic firm building. But he had no qualms about it being a one man show, and that he intended it to be that way in the future. Well is there any empirical evidence on whether lone star firms survive better? Ambit, JM, DSP, Avendus, Mape, the big 4, JP Morgan, Goldman etc. I leave you to do your own analysis. My view however is that lone star firms can probably lay claim to some form of specialization, service or discretion but they can’t house great talent. Though you may argue that great talent will seek to be on its own. So given my anti lone star views, I was a bit deflated and I walked I reached the Bengali market roundabout and I remembered the Bengal Sweets sweet boxes that my father brought from Apollo Tyres shareholder meetings nearly 20 years back. I think they later banned giving gifts at AGM’s. So I walked into the store, salivated at the khoya based sweets and chola bhatura and then decided on gol gappe. I will rave about suji ke gol gappe and rant about the crap they call pani puri in Bombay some other time. While I was gorging, I saw an old portly man dressed in pyjama and the kurta of the baniyas in chandni chowk which is like short and has a pocket. He was standing behind and more than an armslength away. So the guy had to turn back and reach out to serve him. His demeanor and a couple of remarks suggested that he was probably the owner. When he left I asked the guy and he said that he was the owner and he never came when it was busy and always stood away from the customers. So I started my interrogation. The maalik was a great man. The guy had been working there for the last 23 years and so also most others. He said we have no coupon system (which is a centralized billing and collection system)because the owner trusts us and the customer can be flexible. We go to the owners house to keep the cash. We don’t ring the bell and we don’t need to ask the owner to take the next days cash. I thought this was extreme. You could see his pride in his owner and the importance of the trust that his owner reposed in him. He came from his village many years back and is not very literate. I guess its the choice between scaling up and being only one store. Is the chain of Haldiram and Bikano’s any better than Bengal Sweets or other such singles. My romantic mind says no but Mc Donalds and KFC makes me think otherwise. So maybe the lone star thing is more of a personal choice and its not to be confused with institution building.

taxi driver lessons

Cold Iron can cut hot iron but hot iron can not cut cold iron. I am not sure about the metallurgical accuracy of this statement made to me by a fresh looking autorickshaw driver in Bombay but it sounds logical. He made this comment in the course of an animated discussion we were having on why there is no point in road rage. He told me about how he was an angry young boy from Jaunpur and now he is a mellow middle aged man with a flat in Nallasopara on the outskirts of Bombay. Is there any merit in thinking that he has two autos and a flat in Bombay because he has controlled his anger. Probably. By the way his investment in that flat is a fairly good investment. He invested Rs. 1.4 lacs in 2009 which is now Rs. 2.4 lacs odd and commands a rental of Rs. 2000 a month. Thats 17% return pa. I am wondering why not buy five flats and etc…The road rage thing makes me wonder did we have this much of road rage when we had bullock carts running around on unpaved roads. Does the speed of macadamized roads lead to a desire for quick results and reduce tolerance to hindrances. Also what about research on how chemicals in the food chain make people hyperactive and etc. Research suggests that there is a link between organophospate pesticides (OP) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children. A 5-year study at the University of Wisconsin in Madison found that water contaminated with low levels of the common agricultural pesticides atrazine and aldicarb altered thyroid hormone levels in the bloodstreams of mice. Researchers found that ingesting various combinations of these chemicals (which are often found in water supplies in farming regions) caused increased aggression as a result.   Britain’s Global Environmental Change Programme found that lead, PCBs, biphenyls and radiation are harming the intelligence of people around the world. That’s a lot of research…But maybe we instinctively always knew it. The word leaden derived from lead also means Dull, heavy, or slow. So lead was always associated with low intelligence from hundreds of years. We just proved it scientifically now. We probably need to slow down, because mathematically a graph which goes up constantly will soon run out of paper, but cyclical forms will go up and come down but stay within the paper. So our desire for endless growth…will be addressed some other day….